On his way to the play, Charlie Brown passed by Snoopy who was busily decorating his dog house. "What's going on here?" Demanded Charlie Brown. Snoopy passed him a flyer, on it Charlie Brown read:

Find the true meaning of Christmas.
Enter the Neighbourhood Christmas lights and display contest!

"OH NO, my own dog has gone commercial," cried Charlie Brown. "I can't stand it!"

"I've been looking for you big brother." Sally said as Charlie Brown approached. " Will you write a letter to Santa for me? You write it, and I'll tell you what to say. Dear Santa, make it easy on yourself this year and just send money, I prefer tens and twenties!"
"Good grief! Even my baby sister," groaned Charlie Brown as he ran to the theater.

"Attention everyone! The director will be here any minute." Shouted Lucy.
"Director, what director?" asked Violet.
"Charlie Brown!" said Lucy.
"Oh no we're doomed, this will be the worst play ever," moaned Violet.

"Lets get down to work; I'll keep my directions simple. You must pay strict attention to the directorů am I right? Am I right?" Asked Charlie Brown.

But he was asking no one, the cast was dancing to a tune Schroeder was playing on the piano. No one payed any attention to Charlie Brown.

"Stop the music!" Shouted Charlie Brown. "Lucy pass out the scripts and costumes."
"Do innkeepers' wives have naturally curly hair?" Frieda asked.
"Every Christmas its the same, I always end up playing a shepherd!" complained Sherman.

"Get rid of that stupid blanket and memorize these lines!" Lucy demanded of Linus.
"I can't memorize these lines, give me one good reason why I should memorize these lines." said Linus.
"I'll give you five good reasons," said Lucy. "One, two, three, four, five," she counted as she formed a fist with her hand.
"Those are good reasons," admitted Linus and he added, "Christmas is not just getting too commercial, its getting too dangerous."